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We have lots of dogs who urgently need homes!

Greyhounds make fantastic pets:  they are gentle, intelligent animals who like nothing better than to curl up somewhere soft (your sofa or bed will do very nicely) and snooze.

Greyhounds do not need a lot of exercise.

Just a couple of twenty minute walks a day will suffice - add a few cuddles and the odd tummy tickle and you'll be rewarded with a loving, affectionate pet.

If you are thinking about giving an ex-racer a home and would like to find out more, please do contact Rita Price - you can either email her via the contact page of this website, or give her a call.

Not in a position to adopt but would like to help?   Make a donation - click here to find out how.

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This lovely girl is very timid and would be better suited to a quiet home.

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